Rethink Oakridge Centre - Plans: Transportation

Existing Transportation
The success of the Canada Line has shown that given the opportunity, many people will choose to use transit. The expansion of Oakridge Centre will optimize the use of this system by residents and visitors.

One of the key comments from the November 2012 Open Houses was regarding the Canada Line’s capacity to handle the increased capacity. Translink in consultation with the City is completing their study of Canada Line’s capacity to confirm there is adequate capacity to accommodate increased growth along the corridor.

Rethink Transportation
We have some innovative ideas about a local transportation-sharing network. A car share and a bike share could mean that future residents would not need to own either a car or a bicycle.

Reduced Parking
To make Oakridge more pedestrian friendly, vehicle access will be pushed below grade. In addition, an innovative car-sharing program will dramatically reduce the number of residential parking spaces.