Rethink Oakridge Centre - Facts: Transportation


The Oakridge Centre transportation plan is designed to both anticipate and influence how future residents, employees and customers of Oakridge, and of the region, will navigate our city in 2025 and beyond.

Transportation planning is key to the success of Oakridge Centre. We will build on the popularity of the Canada Line and use the proximity of a rapid transit station to encourage the public to rethink their use of the automobile.
  • Canada Line Upgrades: Upgrades to the plaza to ensure the design of the new Oakridge Centre encourages and optimizes transit use.
  • Reduced Parking Count: A substantially reduced parking count for the residential component compared to typical developments and a one-third lower commercial parking ratio than exists today.
  • Residential Car Co-Op: To supplement the transportation options of Oakridge residents who choose to live car-free, a private “car club” to provide access to vehicles when needed.
  • Bike Share Program: A bike share program for residents coupled with a bike for residents and visitors to encourage increased cycling.
  • Improved Bike Routes: Significant improvements to the designated bike routes that pass by or through Oakridge.
  • Traffic Calming: Traffic calming measures on New Street designed to provide access to the perimeter residential buildings and to serve as a buffer between the existing neighbourhood and the development while removing the option to short-cut across the site.
  • Efficient Parkade: An efficient, high-ceilinged and easily navigable parkade.