Rethink Oakridge Centre - Facts: Sustainability


Oakridge intends to achieve LEED Platinum Neighbourhood Development that is based on three categories:

Smart Linkage and Location
The main goal of this category is to choose a site that will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with vehicle travel.

The site’s proximity to existing bicycle networks and the addition of more cycling routes further reduce vehicle kilometers.
  • Smart Location Near Existing Communities and Transit
  • Locations with Reduced Automobile Dependence
  • Housing and Jobs Proximity
  • Preferred Locations Already Serviced with Infrastructure
  • Bicycle Network and Storage

Neighbourhood Pattern & Design
This category of LEED ND speaks to the social aspects of sustainability by promoting a complete community and a pedestrian-friendly environment. Providing basic services in proximity to housing and job opportunities reduces the amount of driving within the community.
  • Walkable Streets
  • Reduced Parking Footprint
  • Mixed-Use Neighbourhood Centres
  • Mixed-Income Diverse Communities
  • Access to Civic and Public Spaces
  • Local Food Production

Green Infrastructure & Building
Oakridge Centre’s infrastructure addresses minimizing resource consumption, minimizing site disturbances, and preventing pollution.
  • Certified Green Building
  • Minimum Building Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Orientation
  • Storm Water Management
  • Heat Island Reduction
  • District Heating & Cooling